the balham cc way

the balsam cc way.jpg

To help make our rides as enjoyable and as safe as possible we ask that you follow our little checklist.

Before the ride:

We recommend wearing a helmet,  and carry spare inner tubes, tyre levers, pump and cash and / or card for emergency (and to pay for coffee and cake).

If you are joining group rides from the beginning of November to the end of March please fit full-mudguards to keep you and your fellow riders free from road spray and grime.

Take note of mobile numbers of ride leads (these will also be given out on the day) but please use the Balham CC WhatsApp members and Club Ride guest Group for non-emergencies in the first instance.



Please bring details of a contact under ICE (In Case of Emergency) accessible on a phone or some kind of ID.

On the ride:

The pace and approach for BCC Club Social Rides is best described as ‘comfortable and inclusive’. Be prepared to stop if we get split at lights, get a puncture, or have a mechanical mishap.

Please be considerate to your fellow riders by using hand signals to communicate hazards and danger. Please abide the Highway Code. You may want to look at the British Cycling website for tips about riding in groups

Some small but important print about insurance –
Those who joined British Cycling and affiliated themselves to Balham Cycling Club – or are members of the club – are covered by whatever membership they took out. British Cycling Ride and Race memberships include Liability Insurance and Legal Assistance. The Fan and Bronze memberships do not offer any form of insurance. It’s all laid out here:

Those without British Cycling membership and affiliation/membership to BCC but registered for the ride are riding as ‘Invitees’. What this means is laid out in the British Cycling Document here:

You are only covered by whatever personal insurance you may have. Please make sure you have the right cover in place before riding with Balham CC.